External firms

  • External Law Firms; Compliance Consultants

    While able to undertake most of its clients’ day to day matters in-house and manage a business’s overall legal function, a General Counsel should not be seen as a replacement for a client’s external legal advisors and/or compliance consultants.

  • Technical and Detailed Input

    External legal advisors and/or compliance consultants are uniquely qualified and resourced to carry out the legal and regulatory ‘heavy-lifting’ required at certain key points of a business’s evolution. They also provide the highly detailed and technical legal, regulatory and tax advice that is periodically required.

  • Efficient Oversight

    flexGC manages relationships with a client’s external advisors, clearly defining the scope of any instructions before fees are incurred, closely overseeing work and progress and ensuring that any advice or service provided is relevant and tailored to the specific circumstances of the client.

  • Network of Contacts

    flexGC can also suggest external advisors for specific matters, as required, based on its extensive network of industry contacts.