A GC’s Role

  • Trusted Advisor

    An in-house General Counsel oversees and manages the legal and regulatory aspects of a business, both proactively and reactively, and is the first point of contact for all such matters. As a trusted partner to senior management, a General Counsel’s sound judgement and professional decision making should support, and sometimes constructively challenge, the operation and direction of the business.

  • Depth of Understanding

    A General Counsel needs a comprehensive understanding and experience of the industry in which their clients operate in order to play an integral role in helping them to achieve their commercial aims.

  • Effective Contribution

    In managing and overseeing a business’ legal and compliance function, a General Counsel can handle many legal matters in-house, though issues requiring specialist input need to be quickly identified, managed and properly resolved. An experienced in-house General Counsel is particularly suited to perform this role by blending their unique familiarity with a client’s business with a detailed and practical understanding of the legal and regulatory environment in which the client operates.