About flexGC

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  • flexGC

    flexGC provides a bespoke ‘in-house’ General Counsel service to asset, hedge fund and alternative investment managers on a flexible and as-needed basis. It delivers the benefits of a dedicated General Counsel without the burden or commitment of a full-time member of staff.

  • Significant Experience, Practical and Commercial Insights

    With a wealth of experience in finance and financial services, flexGC applies significant legal and regulatory expertise as well as practical and commercial insight to the wide variety of issues that confront asset, hedge fund and alternative investment managers on a daily basis.

  • Tailored Service

    flexGC can tailor its services to act as the sole ‘in-house’ General Counsel for its clients or alternatively it can provide additional capacity, resource or expertise to supplement an existing in-house legal function.

  • Close Relationships

    An in-depth knowledge of a client’s business and operations underpins the ability of any General Counsel to serve its clients effectively. By developing and maintaining close and meaningful relationships with its clients, flexGC provides tailored, relevant and specific legal guidance, delivered in an integrated manner that facilitates proper decision making and execution of business.

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Please feel free to contact us to discuss any aspect of our capabilities, experience or services.